About Us

Tree Hugger Catering was established by Cristie Schoen and Dirk Long after the two got fed up with seeing how much waste was created in the film and food industries alike. The two caterers began their mission to change the concept of movie catering altogether. As the implementation of a “green” catering company on a big budget film came into affect, a very positive reputation for Tree Hugger Catering has been established.

What sets Tree Hugger Catering apart from the competition is our commitment to provide an environmentally sustainable atmosphere anywhere we go on a movie set. All of our products are biodegradable from the take out trays, bowls, plates to napkins, forks, spoons and knives.

Remembering Cristie Schoen

In Loving Memory of Cristie SchoenCristie was taken from us too soon, and this site is lovingly dedicated to her memory.

Cristie was a vivacious and generous woman, who deeply cared about everyone in her life. Her impact on each of us who knew her was immense.

Dirk is committed to keeping Tree Hugger Catering a thriving business, as this venture was so close to her heart, and in this way may she always live on as the wonderful spirit we knew.

We love you, Cristie.